Teaching Tuesday (Wednesday) – Chastity

A lot of people do not understand chastity or how people can do it. Wikipedia does a pretty good job explaining some of it in a BDSM sense. They comment that it increases submissiveness in men, I also believe it does that in women, as well. At least it does for me. I have a catch 22 – love/hate relationship with chastity, as I imagine most chastity wearers do. I love to orgasm. I am greedy with my orgasms. If I were not committed to living this 24/7 Master/slave lifestyle I would cum multiple times a day; however, it’s not in the best interest of our marriage for me to cum. Orgasming changes hormones and your mood. After I orgasm I am rude. I am difficult. I do not like to behave. I’m in a terrible mood. I am angry. I go through an array of emotions for two full weeks. I hate the emotions I go through and I also hate not orgasming, but I understand that my 5 to 10 minutes of pleasure is not acceptable or worth it for K to deal with the following two weeks of total bitchiness from me. It does not mean it’s easy. It does not mean I enjoy it. It just means that K has decided he’d rather not deal with me being a total cunt for two weeks and because of that I do not orgasm.

I’ve gotten several emails inquiring about chastity and then Eruditish asked that I cover chastity in Teaching Tuesday and I thought better late than never! Female chastity is such a complicated thing. There are your typical full steel chastity belts that are for permanent use, but often not comfortable and not as hygienic as most women would like to be. There are your leather chastity belts that are for short term use/play time and then that’s about it. There’s the double bar horizontal clit shield, but most women have VCH and just one. Steelwerks has another double bar horizontal. I simply cannot find a VCH chastity piercing. Steelwerks does have custom ordering though, if that tickles your fancy. I actually just ordered this nipple shield piercing that should work. I’m hoping I can replace the barbell with my padlock even. Fingers crossed. It should be here in a week or so.😀

I whole heartedly I want to hear more about any chastity enforcement you have tried. My cuckquean wife has a VCH piercing so your washer idea might work for her. If you could post a picture, or at least describe it in more detail, that would be helpful.
I have a picture of it here. Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well and I only use it in extreme situations where I 100% know in my heart I will orgasm the second I am alone.

Does your regular barbel piercing hold the washer in place or do you use something else? I actually use a padlock, which was effective.

How secure and effective is it? Does it make masturbation impossible, significantly more difficult, or is it more of a reminder? It was secure and impossible to stimulate without pain – but there was the problem – pain.

Is it safe and comfortable enough for long-term wear? The clitoral hood isn’t exactly a durable piece of skin and I’d be worried about ripping it (ouch). While I do get a little rough with my favorite toy, I don’t want to break her. That was the problem – it’s not comfortable or durable for long term wear. It solved the immediate problem when too close to cumming with the slightest stimulation, but not safe or comfortable enough for long term wear.

You’ve mentioned that sometimes you feel the need for enforcement. Do you accomplish that with some sort of locking device or is it more a matter of trust and the threat of punishment? I definitely do feel the need for enforcement.

Instead of a washer, a similar idea I’ve seen is cutting the handle off a spoon and using that as a shield. That sounds like a more effective shield but also more difficult to keep in place. Either way, even with a fancy custom-made shield and double HCH piercings, I don’t understand how it could ever be enforced without some sort of locking mechanism. Yes, I’ve seen the spoon; however, that also won’t work for long term either due to comfort/logistics/etc.

I hope this helps and answers some of the looming chastity questions. I’ll be sure to take a picture of the new jewelry and see how it works out!🙂